Welcome to Rosie’s

Welcome to our new website.  Rosie’s Flower Shop of Fresno, CA is excited to provide our families the best customer service experience possible.  We hope that our new site will help you find the right arrangement for your needs.                           

You can still find us at our bricks-and-mortar location at 1419 Kern St. in downtown Fresno, or you can call us at (559) 486-2262.  However you choose to find us, we look forward to helping you.                                        

When you see something that interests you, take note of the item number so that we can assist you in your search.  Items in the Custom Arrangements section do not come out of a catalog, so they don’t have item numbers.  Note the page number and we’ll have some fun guessing at what each of us are trying to describe to the other.                                

Some photos have prices included.  These prices are not fixed because they fluxuate with seasonal supply.  Use them as a guide for approximate cost only.  




Special Occasions




Custom Arrangements